Push. The. Prowler.  If you don’t know what a Prowler is or your gym doesn’t have one then you need to either buy one or join a gym that’s got one.  Here’s what it looks like:

photo (39)


So there are high bars and low bars to push from.  I usually grab the Prowler post workout and do about 5-7  rounds of a down and back push of roughly 15 Meters each way.  High bars down and low bars back.  So 30 Meters = 1 Round.  I’ll start with an empty Prowler, then add plates until it gets pretty heavy and I’m moving pretty slow.  Then I take one set of plates off and do one round until the Prowler is empty again.  Then I’m done.  The beauty of the Prowler is that I’ve never been sore or felt over trained by adding it to the end of my workouts.  Don’t get me wrong, it sucks.  You may very well puke.  It’s horrible and awesome at the same time.  I think every runner would benefit from adding a Prowler session to their training.