I’ve never written a blog post before, so, let’s see if this little test works out….

I am now officially two weeks out from my next marathon.  It will be my third of the year, getting me to state #24.  Problem is, after my last marathon, several weeks ago now, I’ve been back in PT for my ITBS.  Just as I feel I get a grip on it, I get on a marathon course with some stickiness to it and it makes an unwanted reappearance.  Of course when it flares, everything is an issue.  Through a few PT sessions and some deep tissue massage, I started adding in some running this past week, and that was no easy feat, but it was nice to just put foot to pavement and let the mind go to its happy place again 🙂  So two more weeks, no need for speed, just the need to take in the sites and have some fun on my first visit to Montana!