Well I wasn’t really expecting this, but started a new cycle this morning.  This is going to sound pretty corny, but it’s fitting that I start this today.  My wife and I will be welcoming a new baby girl into our family on Friday.  The happiness and seriousness of that alone makes you kind of step back and tell yourself that it’s time to focus.  So couple that with a super tough training day like this one, and I am in a zone.  Welcome back to serious.  Time to focus, get the nutrition back on track, take care of the family, and kick ass.  Let’s do this!

Holy crap! This workout.  I didn’t even understand it really.    The lifting is certainly interesting.  Went really light on the snatch, 75lbs.  Sadly, I think that’s probably pretty close to 65% for me.  On the Jerks, I used 155lbs.  They went pretty well, but felt heavy for me.  Then the squats.  Every minute on the minute do 1 Rep @ 90%.  Using 235 as my 1RM I went with 215lbs.  Squats felt good.  There was a little pain in my right quad, and I’m still not really sure what that was about.  Just ignored it.

Then…this happened:

6 Minute AMRAP x 6; Rest 3 Minutes

  • 200M 50# Sandbag Run
  • 15 Toes through Rings
  • 30 Burpees
  • Row Remaining Time

I’m still not sure I did this right, but here’s how I interpreted it:  Start the clock, and go through the movements.  If you get through 30 burpees before 6 minutes is up (1 round), row until time (6 minutes) is up.  Then rest 3 minutes and do it again.  That sandbag got really heavy after a couple of rounds.  By the last round I could barely get that stupid thing over my shoulder.  I was able to get on the rower every round except the last one.  I made it to 27 burpees on the last round.

This was tough, and I’m still not feeling 100%.  I’ve got a lot of congestion in my chest, but a couple of days with some good eating and sleep will probably help clear that up.  Ready to take on the week….