My timing is perfect, thank you very much. I am consistent, well thought-out, and determined. You can count on me to always have a plan.

I will start tomorrow. That’s the plan.

Tomorrow is a going to be a big day; it always has been. I don’t want to make any sudden moves. Timing is everything.

Tomorrow I will:

Stop drinking

Start eating better.

Join the gym.

Apply for the job.

Quit smoking.

Take the class.

Throw the ball with my son.

Create art with my daughter.

Take my wife out to dinner.

Begin my blog.

Start my business.

Starting tomorrow is bullshit. But, unfortunately, I will believe that I will start tomorrow if it means an extra serving of hope covered with convenience.

The people with good timing are not strategic, they are active. They do things today. When these things fail, it goes unnoticed because they are to busy making up for it in areas where they succeed. Every success story involves good timing when we look back and re-arrange the story to make it fit. If it works, it was good timing; if it doesn’t, well, it wasn’t.

I’m not buying into my conscious telling me to start tomorrow. I’m sober today, I might not be tomorrow. The same conscience that tells me I will do better tomorrow is the same conscious that told me yesterday that I would do better today.

God and the Grim Reaper, they have good timing. Me? I have opportunities, a best-guess, and bad excuses. It is really a question of what I want to do with the situation.

If the goal is to hit the bullseye with a dart and my option is to wait and take steady aim or start prayin’ and chunkin’, I need to get to flingin’.

I’d rather be lucky than good.

Stop waiting. Take a chance today.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,