What is the tipping point?

Where do we draw the line?

When should serenity become concern….and when should worry become action?

We recently found a snake in our house. It was an eighteen foot long cross between a King Cobra and Anaconda, with a head like a lion (not really, it was a small non-venoumous black snake). It scared the hell outta me, as all snakes and dolls do.

My man, Pedro, handled the situation, but it left me with some concern. How did the snake get in the house? Were there more to follow? Do snakes have a gang mentality, and will it bring it’s friends next time?

After seeing the video of the snake in my house, many, if not most, of my friends suggested that I either move or burn my house down. I actually think that burning the place down was pretty solid advice, but I didn’t want to go through the hassle of calling Comcast to switch service to another home, so we stayed put (a man can only deal with so many Comcast service calls in his lifetime).

The snake got me thinking about what point I would take action. Up until now, I never really had any concern about coming across a snake in my home. Now that I have had a snake, how many snakes must appear before I take drastic action? How much worry should go into one snake before I take action on the other?

This is an area of my life, which, historically, I have been pretty bad. I’m the guy that gets a security camera the day after he is robbed. I start wearing sunscreen after I get diagnosed with skin cancer. I brush my teeth after getting three cavities. I stop smoking after emphysema. I change my oil after burning up my engine. I stop drinking when my liver falls out. And, I get new tires after hydroplaning off the road.

I’m a “post-traumatic reactionary”, an “after-event prepare-er”. I worry about the worst, wait for something undesirable to happen, and then take the appropriate action that would have avoided the unnecessary problem, which should have not been worried about in the first place. Is this making sense? God, I hope not. If it is, that means that you are following my way of thinking. If that is the case, you need medical attention.

There needs to be a clear and concise tipping point. There should be a sound that the universe makes, or a light that comes on, to signify when to go from serenity to action. A warning shot should be fired, letting me know to wake up and get moving, avoiding all of the worry, dread, and paralysis due to fear. I spend so much time in worry and concern, with so little time devoted to serenity and action. However, there is no such sound, light, or shot. So, I think that the best solution is to remain as serene as possible and take action along the way. I need to try to prevent what I can, and deal patiently with the undesirable things that are simply part of life.

Have a good day. Find some serenity. Watch out for snakes.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,