Life needs to be more about not doing things that don’t align with our life goals. My top 3 things on my to-don’t list for 2021 are:

Don’t short change my accomplishments and achievements. Don’t talk myself out of fun things. Don’t care what people think.

I think one of the reasons I made some critical life improvements in 2020 was because I stopped doing what I want right now and chose what I wanted based on what I want most long term. I might want half (whole) pizza right now but what I want most is the next 50 years to be fit, healthy, fun, and full of adventure. You can have both but not all the time.

As this Friday approaches and I reach the half century mark, I am humbled by what my 25 year old skiing buddy told me on Monday. She said she hopes she can be as energetic and athletic as I am when she’s my age. This shocks me because I don’t see myself as an image or lifestyle to hope for. I’m me, living and striving for the best life that I can live the way I want to live it now. We should all do just that.