Fun day today.  Started out with Front Squats:

photo (42)

  • Front Squat 3RM; 5 x 3 @ 90%

I’ve really got to start recording this stuff.  I worked up to 225# for 3, but I’m still not sure if that’s a PR or not.  I’ll have to do some digging.  At any rate, it was heavy.  Then I did the sets at 205#.  These were pretty tough, but felt good.

I was supposed to do Snatches and Sit Ups in the conditioning portion today, but something happened yesterday that prompted me to change that.  I found this stupid app the other day called “Timehop.”  So timehop sends you messages everyday showing you what your social media updates were from last year and older.  So yesterday I came across this little update from 2 years ago:



As soon as I saw this, I became intrigued.  I had to do it again to see how it was.  So I did it this morning.  Here it is:

5 Rounds

  • 400M Run
  • 10 Deadlifts @ 275#
  • 10 Burpees

I finished this morning in 20:39.  Sure it’s a PR, but not by much.  I must have really felt good that day two years ago.  Wow!  Maybe I was Deadlifting more back then or something.  Those lifts got really tough after round 2.  Run and Burpees felt really good though.  I don’t know where this WOD came from, but you gotta give it a shot.  It’s brutal.  Only a couple more days of training before race week!


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