Next month during my next 50 miler we’ll be climbing up this mountain:


Someone asked me a few weeks ago how you train to be prepared for the climb at the 3 mile mark of this 50 mile race.  I can tell you that I’m always glad when I get halfway up that mountain that I squat twice a week.  This year I’m adding in a bunch of weighted box step ups and single leg work (Weighted Lunges, Split Squats, etc.) to make sure I’m even more ready to climb up that mountain this year.  It’s not a terribly difficult climb, but I feel like the easier it is for me the better.  I want to do everything I can to get myself into a good position to hit my 10:30 time goal.  Boom!

Here’s what I did today (after a few heavy prowler sprints).  My partner John joined me today,  It’s always nice to have someone training with you!

photo (1)


20 Minute AMRAP: 400M Run, 7 KB Swings (2 Pood), and 7 Box Step Ups with the 2 Pood Bell.  Wow, those step ups were rough.  I thought about climbing that mounting every time I stepped up there.  Great session.  Thanks, John for joining me! 🙂