Yesterday a friend of mine emailed me to ask about how I went about scaling pistols with a band like I mentioned in yesterday’s training post.  So here’s the deal on that.  I wrap a band around a pullup bar exactly like you would do if you were going to use it for pullups.  I hold the band in one hand, and perform the pistols.  I started with a heavier orange belt a couple of weeks ago, but have worked my way down to this black band (shown in the picture below).  The more tension that is in the band, the easier the pistol becomes.  So I try to leave as much slack in the band as possible until I just get really tired.  Here’s how it looks:

And on to this morning’s training…

A1: Press 5RM; 2 x 5 @90%

Load:  115lbs.


Every minute on the minute for 6 Minutes:

16 Pistols

Pistols shown in the above picture.  It took me about 35-40 seconds to knock out 16 of them.

Then…Rest 10 minutes and do:

6 Rounds

  • Max Handstand Pushups
  • 200M Run

Fun little WOD here.  All strict handstand pushups for reps:  6,5,4,5,5,4.  Not bad for me.  I’m really excited to be able to knock out 6 HSPU’s in a row!  Pretty awesome.

Not done yet….Then:

6 x 300M Run; Rest 1 Minute

Long run Saturday morning.  I’m debating on taking a rest day tomorrow.  Haven’t decided yet.