I went to a really tough workout this morning.

I worked out with really tough men. I enjoyed fitness and fellowship with some really tough men who were willing to talk about things in their life which are tough to talk about; that’s how I know they are tough. They didn’t need to act tough or talk tough because toughness is its own language. It speaks for itself and on its own terms. You can’t sell it or fake it because it either exists or it doesn’t. No amount of chest puffing, mean mugging or tough talking will fill what isn’t there.

I watched one of the strongest men I have ever known talk about the areas in which he is weakest. All of the other strong men listened because we, too, are also weak and that knowledge makes us strong.

Real men are not afraid to discuss real weaknesses, especially at the benefit of making real connections with other people who might be feeling weak.

Toughness is only necessary in tough situations. Any other time it’s bad acting, showmanship and a public display of insecurity.

We are all very tough, very strong and very weak. It’s all a matter of timing and when to show what’s on the inside.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,