I’m going to start this post with something positive. This song came on when I left the gym today and it totally changed my attitude because it reminded me how awesome my life is, has been, and can be.


I was so disappointed today. Went 3 x 275, 2 x 295, 2 x 315, missed 345, and went back down to 325. 325 lb 1RM.


CrossFit Games 18.4. I’ve never done this workout before. I went back to look at my score and I had scores for the first couple of weeks and then must have just quit. I think this is likely due to going to run the Sylamore 50K. Today I did the scaled version of 18.4. I made it through the round of 21 Deadlifts at 185 lbs before I hit the 9:00 time cap.

Going back and looking at the 18.4 score sent me down a big rabbit hole of the past. I remember a time when I could Rx every workout. November 2017, ran a 100 miler. 2019, went to Canada and got Rhabdo. I’ve tried to make a couple of comebacks since then. Ran a couple marathons and maybe a 50K I think. Things just haven’t gotten back to where I’m proud of myself. I am angry with and disappointed in myself for where I’ve let myself go. But I’m still here and doing the thing. I’m excited to know that I can look forward to success. I’m grateful that every single day I get to do things that I love. I’m grateful that I know that I have potential. Cheers to the future!