Got to do some 400M intervals with Mike McGoldrick this morning.  I really enjoyed it, and it felt great to be out there running at a higher intensity.  More of that next week I hope.  Here are my splits (times on the right) we ran 7 400’s and rested about 3:30 in between runs.  We were not on a track, but on the street in the neighborhood.  Going out was downhill and coming back was up.  Good stuff:



1:17 was the last and best split.  Not too bad, but I need to get a little faster.  After a few hours of rest, I hit the gym for:

  • Strict Overhead Press 5RM; 4 x 5 @ 90%


  • EMOM 8 Minutes 1 Muscle Up



  • Unbroken Double Unders

Presses just felt OK.  I need to get stronger after the last two Open workouts and struggling with weight overhead.  Muscle Ups were great.  I finished the Double Unders in about 6:00.  In the video you see 10-20, then my shoe comes untied and I break on the round of 30! 🙂



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