I’m coaching a running class for 6 weeks at Faction (my gym).  I am having such a great time doing it, and I’m super excited about the attitude of everyone in the class.  They are really fired up about learning running technique, and some of them are looking forward to running their very first races in the future.  That’s awesome!  Anyway, here they are last night doing some wall drills (Pose stuff):



So I coached that class after training last night then turned around and went back in to train this morning.  Here’s what was on the agenda for today:

  • Deadlift 4RM
  • EMOM 10Minutes Power Snatch + Snatch

I worked up to my last 345# that I did in the last cycle then I went for 365# and missed it after the second lift.  Not too bad.  I’ll take it for the first week of a new cycle.  The Snatches were just Snatches.  Again, not really great at this lift so I go lighter and work on technique.  Today I used 105#.  Five pounds heavier than the last time I did this one.


6 Rounds

  • 10 Box Jumps (24″)
  • 10 GHD Situps
  • 5 Ring Rows
  • 5 Ring Dips

Finished in 11:27 and felt pretty good.  I had to walk a little bit of a distance between the rings and the GHD machine though so that made it a little slower.

Then I finished things up with an Airdyne Tabata…  I’ve been adding finishers like this to see what happens.  I’m trying to cut some weight over the next four weeks, and I want to see if this makes any difference.  I don’t have any races any time soon so I thought I’d play around with some training and just have a good time.  I weighed in at 182.4 this morning.  Last Monday I weighed 188.4 so the weight is coming down a bit.  We’ll see how it goes.