“Fran” was on the schedule for today and I just wasn’t feeling it so I made up some stuff…

10 Minutes EMOM

  • 2 x Back Squat @ 225lbs.
  • Power Clean + Clean @ 165lbs.


Buy In:  100 Double Unders

12 Minute AMRAP

  • 8 Pistols
  • 10 Russian Kb Swings (2 Pood)
  • 12 Ring Rows

Cash Out:  100 Double Unders

The first set of Double Unders took me 1:30.  I lost count on rounds. :/  I think I got 7 or 8 rounds.  The second set of Double Unders took me 2:00.  They were much harder the second time around.

Wednesday was a rest day, Tuesday I went back and revisited the 2012 Crossfit Games Open 12.2 workout.  You remember that, right?  The Snatch ladder/amrap?

10 Minute AMRAP

  • 30 x Snatch @ 75lbs.
  • 30 x Snatch @ 135lbs.
  • 30 x Snatch @ 165lbs.
  • 30 x Snatch @ 210lbs.

Back during the Open in March, I got 4 super ugly 135lb. snatches.  This time around I was able to get 11 “not that bad” power snatches.  That’s progress, and I’ll take it.  That didn’t take me very long to do, so I jumped into the 6am Crossfit class at Faction for “Tabata Tuesday”:

  • A1) Wall Ball Shots
  • A2) Double Unders
  • B1) Russian KB Swings (70/53#)
  • B2) Double Unders
  • C1) Pushups
  • C2) Double Unders

418 Reps!  Nice little added workout there…

On Monday, we went back and did the 12.3 Open workout.  I was excited about doing this one, and went to look up my score on the site to see what I needed to get to:



238 Reps.  The workout looks like this:



I ended up with 7 Rounds + 10 Box jumps.  So a total rep score of 262.  Another improvement, so I’m happy with that.  I remember when I did it before, I was pretty wiped out afterwards.  This time I felt pretty good.  I think I could have gone a little harder.  I’ll try it again in a few months and see what happens…


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