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Turning my back on rhabdo: Training Day 12 | Lift Heavy Run Long

Mood/Reflections/Rambling: Ok, gang, I’ve grown super tired of typing and speaking the word “Rhabdo” so I’m done with it. I’m ready to move on. I’m turning my back on rhabdo. Yes, I will be recovering and making my comeback for a while now, but really I’m just tired of it being a thing that I  bring up all the time. We all know it was there at this point, but now this is about my comeback. I’m not going to worry about my pee being coffee colored every time I go to the bathroom anymore. I am smart enough not to push myself until I’m ready. Yes, my shoulders are injured and they are still healing but that’s not rhabdo it is a result of having gone through it. So I’m physically trying to make a comeback and gain strength and mobility again. I’m so focused right now and I’m so motivated to make so many things happen that I really want to make a shift to talking about and doing those things. Not rhabdo. So F!@# rhabdo and cheers to the future. So many great things are about to happen. Life is amazing, and I’m ready to participate in it 200%. I’m ready to start adding some serious value to everyone I encounter. I’m done focusing on this thing that keeps putting me in some weird “woe is me” type mood. We’re crushing life here people. Yes, bad things happen but we use them to get stronger and smarter. Then we do everything better the next time around. So we’ll call this The Reverend Comeback or something from now on. Stay tuned. Talk to you tomorrow.

Training: Rest Day.