Von’s Story

vonstjudeIn October of 2009 I began my pursuit of fitness.  I was fat and out of shape.  After spending a little time on google researching, I found myself in my first workout at CrossFit Memphis.  I was immediately hooked.  I changed my life.  I made training part of my daily routine, changed my diet and lost about 30 pounds.  Knowing that I was interested in running, one of my coaches at the gym started encouraging me to go and run some longer distance races like 50K’s and 50 milers.  I started learning the Pose Method of running and started training for longer distance runs.  In December of 2010, I ran my first Marathon, then went on to run my first 50K the following February and my first 50 Miler in April of 2011.  Here’s a short little video I did on my first 50 mile race:



Lift Heavy Run Long member info

Name: Von Ralls

Age:  40

Years training:  A little over 6 years

Favorite Lifts and PR’s:

Deadlift:  440lbs, Squat:  325lbs

Fastest Mile:  5:45

Fastest race times: 5K: 20:40, Marathon 3:43, 50K 6:01, 50 Mile:  9:30

Strongest Deadlift:440lbs

Longest official run: 50 miles

Days per week you lift:  5-6 Days per week

Days per week you run:  2-3 days

Mileage per week:  5-10 miles

Favorite shoes: Reebok Nano 5.0, Vans

Favorite apparel:  Stance Socks, LHRL Shirts, Rehband Knee sleeves

Strongest attribute:  Endurance

Food nazi or balls out animal eater:  Balls out animal eater.

Sweets or fried:  Sweets

2 things you wouldn’t be caught dead without on a run or gym:  On a run? Water/Hydration Gym? Shaker Bottle.

Favorite quote:  “Relentlessly refusing to sacrifice strength to run long distances.”

Favorite cheat meal:  Pizza + Beer

Short term goals:  3:30 Marathon, 12’ Handstand Walk, 350lb squat

Long term goals:  100 Miler

Loud lifter or quiet:  Quiet

Hard core focus or like to f!@# around:  A little bit of both.

Let em cheat or call em out:  Call them out, but it’s my job sometimes to do so.

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