• Bench Press 3RM; 5×3 @ 90%
  • EMOM 8 Minutes – 2 x Overhead Squats

Not a PR on the Bench.  I would have gone for 190 or 195# if I had realized it.  185# was pretty tough, so I stuck with that.  The reps were done at 165#.  In light of the crappy pistols yesterday, I decided to work some more on Pistols in between sets of bench presses.  Made some great progress, and feel much better about them today.

Overhead Squats were just OK.  I actually started with the bar and worked up to 75# instead of using 95#.  I really wanted to work on technique.


“Flight Simulator”

In case you haven’t done this, I found it on OPT.  It goes like this:

Double Unders (Unbroken)


You have to stop after each round, and each round must be unbroken.  If you break during a round you start over at the beginning of that round.  I set a 10 minute cap on it this morning because the last time I tried it it took me forever!  I made it all the way up to 50 and down to the second set of 45.  Then did 27 of the 40 round.

After that I pushed the prowler for a while and went to work!

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