It’s tough coming off of a long weekend.  Here’s an update of the last two days:


Snatch Pull 3 x 3 Heavy (Use barrier to prevent  forward motion)

Load: 90KG

Back Squat 5RM; 2 x 5 @90%

Load:  218lbs.

Bench Press 5RM; 4 x 5 @90%

Loads:  128lbs., 128lbs., 132lbs., 132lbs.

Then in the evening I did:

8 x Bound Hurdles x 5 + 40M Sprint; Rest 1 Minute

Lots of fun:


Up early to train again.  Not a lot of sleep, but still felt pretty good…

10 Rounds

  • 30 Sec FLR, Rings
  • 15 Burpees
  • Rest 3 Minutes

I kept the round times to about 1:00 to 1:15.  The last round was tougher, and took about 1:20.  Great workout.  No running today.

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