We are beyond pleased to announce the newest member of the LHRL 50/400. We have started following Josh and some of the great things he is doing in his life, but more importantly, in the lives of others. We will be sticking close with Josh and will have him as a guest on the LHRL Podcast REAL SOON. It’s great to see people using fitness as a way to better themselves, while bettering those around them. Congratulations Josh!


Josh Otero is the CEO and founder of Recover Faster. Josh has been an athlete his entire life, including a collegiate gymnast. While in the business world, Josh reduced his stress through many activities and became a CrossFit coach, Spartan coach, marathoner, ultra-marathoner, and a participant in athletic fundraising for the MARSOC foundation and the Ride430. These experiences motivated Josh to pursue a career in fitness industry. As a result, Josh left the corporate world and opened a CrossFit gym. Josh’s continued personal pursuit of fitness and wellness fueled his passion to create Recover Faster. Recover Faster promotes optimal performance based on physiological data. Josh has worked extensively with the creators of HRV technology to understand the data and adjust workouts to hit peak performance. www.recoverfaster.vip

5K – 18:37
10K – >40
Marathon – 3:26 – shooting for sub 3:10
50 mile – 3X Finisher
100 miles – Leadville Trail 100 – DNF – Going back for more
Deadlift – 415lbs
Front Squat – 275lbs
Thruster – 205lbs
Fran – 3:10
Murph (w/vest) – 36:59
Tommy V – 24:21