I saw this meme on Reddit this morning, and I immediately thought it was perfect for something I have been planning and working on for the last few weeks for my vlog. It’s a funny image, but when you really look at it…it’s quite sad. It’s sad because a lot of people do live their lives this way. In fact, I bet just about all of us wind up living some degree of this kind of life at one point or another without even realizing it. We get into a routine or maybe even a slump and just get stuck there. Sometimes we recognize it and easily find our way out of it or avoid it altogether. Other times we wallow in it, let it consume us, and wonder if we’ll ever do anything worthwhile or if we will ever be truly happy or successful. We just walk around all day with that sad little grumpy fish face feeling sorry for ourselves, and doing that just makes everything even worse. How do you get out of a fishy slump like this? Better yet, how do you avoid getting to that place at all? Here’s what I think the answer could be. Open your eyes, and take a good look at all the amazing things going on around you. Look at all the opportunity, love and all around awesome stuff that exists in your life and then pay attention to it. I mean really pay attention to it and feed it. Foster it and let it grow.

But what if you’re that grumpy fish that doesn’t think they really have much going on around them? Well, it’s time to have a conversation with yourself. Ask yourself where you want to be, who you want to be, what kinds of things you like, what makes you happy. Then start answering those questions honestly and start focusing on that stuff. Want to be a writer? Make it a priority to start working on that skill every day. Sure, maybe you have to do it when you aren’t at work, but you still need to focus on it. Make the time. Want to be a better spouse, parent or friend? Set some goals to start working on things that help you in those areas. The important thing to remember is that progress just isn’t going to magically happen. You aren’t going to wake up one day and all of the sudden you live in awesome world. It’s going to take action on your part to get the juices flowing and make things happen. Oh the places we can go.

I’ve spent the better part of the last year being a bit of a grumpy fish. Ok, a lot of a grumpy fish. Ok, a grumpy and negative fish. At least to the point where I’ve decided that I need to make some changes and get myself back on track to awesome world. Since I turn 43 in a couple weeks, I’m closing out another year on earth and starting out on a brand new year of life. I’ve decided that it’s going to be the awesomest year ever. It’s going to be the awesomest year ever because I’m kicking all the negative vibes out and inviting in all the positive ones. I’ve spent the last few weeks really focusing on things that I love, making notes about those things and jotting down where I would like to be in all of those areas. I’ve started building a “roadmap to awesome” that I can follow and refer back to if I start to lose my way. On that “roadmap to awesome” are all the things that I love, that I’m passionate about, and that I want to learn and become. All the things that make up the person that I am and the person I want to be. I’ve even given it a code name. Project 43. That’s right, I’ve got a code name (see I’ve already started making the awesome sauce).

Once I started working through all this, I decided that it would be awesome to just talk a lot of this stuff out on my vlog. There’s a lot to talk about. It turns out I’m into a LOT of stuff. From Family and Fitness to Music, Podcasts/Podcasting, Comedy and a whole lot of other stuff in between. I also hope to brain dump a few blogs like this one every now and again so keep an eye out for those. Anyway, I’m stoked about turning a year older and focusing on things that I love and things that make me happy. I’m stoked about throwing out all the stuff that I don’t really care about and stuff that’s dragging me down. I am also really excited to share it all with whoever wants to come along for the ride. My 43rd Birthday is on the 13th so I will drop the first “Project 43” related vlog that day. Until then…

Get Stoked!

The Rev

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