We got bumper stickers. Men have put into space with less effort.

We got bumper stickers. Men have put into space with less effort.

January 4, 2016

When i was about 12-13 years old I used to light my hair on fire. I would practice with a lighter in front of a mirror and let it flame as high as I could before burning my scalp. I thought it was cool as sh*t. My friends thought it was awesome, and my parents would have hated it. There was no logical reason for this, but I liked doing it. When I was a little bit older, I used to pierce my ear on Fridays before going to the Winchester Court movie theater. After enjoying an evening of cool as sh*tness, I would let it grow back so my parents wouldn’t see it. The next Friday night, as me and my loser friends were headed back to the theater in search of that ever elusive girl to possibly be willing to sit next to us, and maybe hold hands, I would pierce it again.   I thought it was cool as sh*t. Once again, no real rhyme or reason, but I felt compelled to do it anyway. When I was in 4th grade, my idol was Brian “The Boz” Bosworth. Like Boz,  I wore a flat-top haircut with paint down the sides. I actually put stripes of red and white paint in my hair before going to school in fourth grade. I thought it was cool as sh*t. My teacher hated it. There was no rationale behind the paint in my hair, but I loved it. I just had to do it.

Isnt he beautiful? I know...I know..Bo Jackson. Let's move past this.

Isnt he beautiful? I know…I know..Bo Jackson. Let’s move past this.

I didn’t need rationale, and I wasn’t asking for approval. Sometimes, I get these godawful ideas, and I just have to follow through with them, I just must. Whatever the idea, it’s all consuming, and I cannot proceed with anything else until either I follow through with the decision, or I am derailed and become fixated on something else (usually the latter). These are three examples of a 39 year career of decision making that have two constants behind every action. The reasoning behind most things I have done, and still do today are these:
1. There is no real reasoning. 
2. I think whatever it is… it’s cool as sh*t.

This leads me to my latest exciting, poorly thought out objective, which is lacking any real direction and the primary reason for doing it is two-fold:

1. I like the name. 
2. It’s cool as sh*t.

With all this being said…
Welcome to LiftHeavyRunLong.com


A couple of years ago, I became fascinated with the idea of meeting the requirements for the 50/400 Club on the LiftHeavyRunLong.com website. The 50/400 club is essentially a mix of strength and endurance. The qualifications are simple, run a 50mile race and deadlift 400lbs (300lbs for the ladies). I somehow manged to achieve the goal, and VOILA…nothing happened.  Like anything else, I learned that meeting the goal, albeit very satisfying, was nothing compared to the experiences I had on the journey. The community of people surrounding lifting heavy weights and running long distances is as genuine, diverse, and fun loving of a group as you can find. I couldn’t help but to think about all the good and all the fun that could potentially come from creating a large community of people who are interested in lifting a little heavier, running a little farther, and being a little bit better than they were yesterday and the day before. I imagine what good could come from the person who is still on the couch being encouraged by someone who has been at this for a while.

I approached Von Ralls, the guy responsible for the Lift Heavy Run Long concept, and I told him that I wanted to play with the site, and see if we could attract some members and see where this whole thing will lead. In typical Von fashion, he was like, “yeah man, thats cool”.  We discussed the fact that neither of us had any idea where we would go with this, but were sure to make good time getting there. This is what we know:
**We know that we want to encourage people.

**We know that we want to help people feel comfortable at various events and races, and help them know that they are supported.

*We know that we want everyone to feel included, and for everyone to have a voice.

*We know we want to provide information about events and training programs in different areas, and encourage others to give their feedback on them.

*We know we want to feature members and get to know about different athletes and the different obstacles and victories that they have experienced.

*We want to provide as much social support at different events as possible (bc that is where the real fun is).

But at the end of the day, we basically know 2 things:

1. We don’t know what the hell we are doing.
2. It’s gonna be cool as sh*t.

So, come be part of the group at LiftHeavyRunLong.com . We are still figuring out the best way to make the website both interactive and interesting. Feel free to either post ideas, or send us a message. It is YOUR community, so please feel free to post your blogs, race reports, create events, or even sell your sh*t on the classifieds section. We want to hear your PR’s, goals, and accomplishments. We are here to encourage, not critique. If you are proud of what you are doing, then we are proud of you, and we want to stand behind you. Life is too short to not kick a little ass and have some fun along the way. Come join us, CAUSE….
Its gonna be cool as sh*t.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef Related.
Wilson “Beefcake” Horrell