I’ve told my story all around the internet a million times by now.  It’s not really an incredible story.  I wasn’t obese, I’ve never been disabled or had health problems.  Still, I can’t believe some of the things that I have accomplished in the last few years.  Sometimes it amazes me.  I love hearing stories about why people train, how they got to where they are, and where they are going.  Some people have always been athletic and others have had a difficult road shedding hundreds of pounds to get fit.  No matter what your background is, if you’re out there training and working hard to achieve  your goals I admire you.  You are awesome.  I asked everyone on Facebook the other day what their story was.  Had they always been athletic or did they decide to change things in their life at some point.  I found the responses very interesting and motivating, and I wanted to share them with the world.  So here you go:

I started my life as a fit and active child, somewhere during high school I quit being active, it wasn’t until I was 29 and overweight with high blood pressure that it dawned on me “I needed to do something different” so I started my fitness journey.  -Joshua

I have always been active and doing some kind of outdoor activity. After I finished college and started a 40 hr work week job, that’s when I knew I needed to find something else to stay very active from sitting all day. So I started with 5ks then found triathlons. Love the competition and the challenges -Shawn

Was fairly athletic through school. Jogged a few miles a day during college. Worked out in the globo gym for years after college. Treadmill, elliptical and 12-15 reps with moderate weight you know the drill. Got married had a kid and my life changed. Gained weight and couldn’t get it off. Found CrossFit when my kid turned 3. Best thing I’ve ever done. Wish I knew about it sooner. -Chandrika

I was somewhat active in high school. I can’t recall doing any type of exercise after graduating and that was 23 years ago. Had two kids in my 30’s; smoked a pack a day for 18 years. I won’t even start with my diet. I was 40 years old and so out of shape when I walked in the gym for the first time. I’m so glad I did! -Angela

I was the 400 pound fat guy most of my adult life. It wasn’t till my mid 30s that I started turning my life around and got in shape. I look at my old pictures and can’t even remember looking as big as I was. I was not a fast loser, it took me 5 years to lose most of my weight. Now I run and lift because I enjoy it, not for weight loss. I got into running after I saw my cousin who has MS run 8 miles, I thought if she could run 8 miles with MS, I should be able to run a mile. I just ran my first full marathon last fall. -Michael

In school, I was always a weakling. I weighed 115 in 12th grade. I liked running, discovered weight lifting in college but never stayed consistent until my 30’s with either. Ran 25 marathons/ultras when I was 34-36.Developed crohn’s disease and then had some limitations to my running for awhile so rediscovered weights. Crossfit came along and although I’ve never been a member, I got really inspired by how much fun lifting could be. For about two years I’ve been lifting with a passion but missing the ultra. Trying to find a happy medium but haven’t quite yet. -Ted

5 weeks ago I re-dedicated. 30yrs old. Tired of quitting on myself. Got a plan and this is it! God, a supportive wife, CrossFit Endurance, Paleo, and friends on Facebook are going to keep me at it!  -Shane

Wow!  Great responses.  I could read this stuff all day long!  I’d love to hear your story.  Where’d you come from, and why are you training?  What are your goals?