I feel like my life shifts drastically between being a lazy river where I’m drifting along with a cold drink in my hand and soaking in all the good things in life and then other days where I’m being rocketed down a Class 5 set of rapids holding on for dear life and hoping the turbulence spits me out safely at the end.  So far, I’m always spit out at the end of the ride with bug-eyes, wild hair, and gasping for air while kissing solid ground.  Those moments make me long for the lazy river, the cold drink, closing my eyes to the warmth of the sun.

I wake up some mornings and have a 5-10 minute conversation with myself to get out the door for even a 3 mile run.  Strangely enough it’s those days that I’m rewarded with some incredible sunrises, deer munching grass in the fog, or unusually speedy legs.  Yesterday, I woke up in Frankenmuth, MI at the lovely Bavarian Inn.  Despite wanting to curl up in my hotel bed and watch TV with extra coffee, I pushed my own rear end out there.  My reward was this….I had to stop for this “lazy river” moment and cherish it because up to that point the Class 5 rapids earlier in the week had tested my skills.  I didn’t run far or fast but I was out there.

I work in natural resources and any time that I find a trail with trees, I’m a magnet to it.  It draws me in, pulling me like a shop-vac on high.  Those trees below are cottonwoods and are HUGE.  You feel like you’re under a giant green umbrella when you are under them.  Being in the forest or around trees like this is another “lazy river” moment for me.

I pushed myself out of bed on this beautiful Friday morning and found it was 43F outside.  Wow!  I pulled out a long sleeve shirt to put under my short sleeve and glad I did.  I captured that opening image looking out over the historic fish hatchery building just 1/2 mile from my house.  I’m hoping for more “lazy river” moments this weekend including some trail miles tomorrow!  Get out there and soak in what ever moments life brings you but be sure to embrace every lazy river you float down.