I have heard it said that worry is a form of fear. It seems to me to be the ultimate and only form of it.

I have heard fear summed up in a couple of different acronyms. The first is:


The second is:


I generally subscribe to the latter.

I worry.

I worry a lot.

Remove worry from my life, and I feel that all of my difficulties would instantly vanish. This is, of course, probably not true, but it seems that way.

Recently, while sitting at a red light, it began to rain. I turned on my windshield wiper. As the wiper dragged it’s way across the wet windshield, it cave out a groan. “Dammit”, I said. “I’m gonna need some new wipers. That will be like $25 bucks.”

As I continued to take inventory of the situation around me, I thought about how long it had been since I replaced the tires. “Crap, I’m gonna need to get tires at some point. That will run a smooth $700 out of the checking account…..and, what about the transmission? How long has it been since I replaced the transmission? That will be necessary soon. That’s a good three grand.”

As I am doing my best job to work myself into a full-blown anxiety attack, I felt as if maybe my engine skipped a beat. It was possible that I detected a misfire on one of the cylinders. “Well, this would not be good. I certainly don’t need the expense of replacing the motor on my vehicle at this point in time. I won’t be able to make my house payment. I don’t see how anyone can afford to get their kids through school.”

Suddenly, the light turned green. I came to see the reality of the situation. From the time it took for a stop light to change from red to green, I  managed to drift off into the future, allow myself to go $10,000 into debt, become homeless, and unable to pay for my children’s college education….who are eleven and eight years old.

There were only a couple of ways of handling this situation. It was a difficult decision. A choice needed to be made, and I needed to choose wisely. These were my options:

1. Continue down the rabbit hole of doom and despair, until I reach the very end, and quite possibly dip myself into a fear-induced depression.

2. Go to Auto Zone and grab a $23 pair of windshield wipers.

I’m gonna need some time to think about it.

Enjoy your day.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,