The Reverend (Von Ralls) posted on the LHRL FB page yesterday asking what fitness goals people have for the coming year.  I don’t do resolutions but I definitely do goals.  I haven’t commented on his post yet because I really had to think hard about what I want to share about my goals and what those goals mean to me.  I did a list of 19 goals for 2019 and many aren’t fitness related and trying to distill down to my top fitness goals was more difficult than I thought because it’s not as simple as lose 20 lbs or run a 50K for the first time.

The thing is I have so much baggage about weight, weight loss, physical appearance, etc. that I need a large wagon to haul it around with me every damn day.  I was raised to believe that unless I am less than 15% body fat, fit perfectly in clothes, have no cellulite, no excess weight, and can run an 8 minute mile, I’m just a failure and I need to work a lot harder.  Well, I’m DONE.  I’m done with every aspect of the diet industry.  That destructive diet mentality can go to hell and so can the people who keep pushing it on me and anyone else. I’m focusing on creating a healthy mindset around good habits, fitness, quality food, and healthy long term weight stability (once I reach it).

My fitness goal for 2019 is also to stop being my own worst enemy.  I get in my own way of my own success while following a path to health.  That opening picture really signifies my life.  I get going down a good path and BOOM, something is blocking my way.  Go under it!  Go over it! Go around it!  But no, I sit on the blocked side and eat chips and chocolate for a while and then shrug my shoulders and claim I can’t be successful.  I can be successful and I know I can change my destructive mindset but I gotta dig deep and do a lot of learning.

I’m putting my body weight scale away till Spring (at least) and will do my measurements monthly just to have that data.  My clothing will tell me quickly if I’m not on track so the evil judgement from the number on the scale can go to hell, too.

2019 Fitness Goals

  1. Ditch the Diet Mentality
  2. Be my own best friend, not my own worst enemy