I am at the tipping point of “old age”. I have reached the place in my life where teenagers consider me old and old people roll their eyes when I complain about being old.

At what point do you earn the badge of “Old Age”?

When is it socially acceptable to complain about your knees and hips as it pertains to age?

Is there a marker of sorts that determines when people will give you pity, cause I like pity….I’m pitiful.

When you start to get old, you start doing old people stuff, like not eating something spicy cause it will give you heartburn, waking up to pee because you know if you don’t you will have to wake up to pee, going to bed at 8pm, and always using handrails.

I have reached the stage of my life when:

-I will do everything I can do in the gym to retain my youth, even if it means spending the rest of my time sitting in a recliner and bitching about how bad everything hurts.

-If something hits the floor, I point to the closest kid and immediately to the object I want them to fetch….without saying a word.

-If it does not involve something edible, I will probably not make any effort to get to it….unless of course we are talking about the remote control…and there are no kids around to get it for me.

Yes, maybe forty-one is not old enough to interrupt my kid’s homework, have him come downstairs and plug in my computer to the outlet that is directly behind my couch, but I do it anyway.

I woke up this morning and decided that I would not get on the floor for any reason unless it involves an accident. In fact, that was my first conscious thought. I went to the gym, there were burpees involved, and I stood my ground.

Getting old is a wonderful thing. Yes, there are some aches and pains but there is also a degree of wisdom and a sense of whats important. There is a level of consciousness that comes with your choices and a sense of freedom in the decisions that you make. There is a degree of independence and a strengthening of your free will which allows you to make your own decisions for your own reasons. I was always told that life only gets harder…I think those people are full of shit.

Life is good.

Enjoy it.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,