From what I understand, we don’t have a lot of time here….but we also need to learn to relax and take time for ourselves. We need to get things done but we need to learn to relax. We need to work hard but not take it all too seriously.

Where is the balance?

I think there are generally about three different types of workers:
1. Those who are lazy and difficult.
2. Those who work with a sense of urgency and take pride in what they do.
3. Those who are overly-anxious and hard to work with.

I fall into category number three with a constant desire to work my way towards number two. I want things right now. If there is a situation, it is time to pull the car over and handle that thing the moment it arises. I don’t have the organizational skills to put things off until later so I want problems solved as they arise. My problem is that I want everyone else to stop what they are doing and dedicate their time and resources to whatever issue I am working on. The world doesn’t operate this way.

Then, there are the category one people who just wish to slug around and hope that someone else picks up the responsibility. They believe that if they say nothing long enough and sit still quietly no one will notice them and they can get by with doing nothing and spring to the forefront when all the heavy lifting is done. I am not sure if lazy is worse than anxious but I know that anxious does not like lazy.

The ones I admire most are the urgent. They are the ones with “The Walk”. These are the people who can combine quick-thinking with a deep breath and logic. these are the folks that are aware that progress needs to be made even if it means taking a step forward in the wrong direction. These are the people who are constantly¬†and consistently trying to better the cause, yet realize there are other causes.

The difference in urgency and anxiety is perspective and balance while the things that are missing with the lazy is backbone and drive. Those who work with a sense of urgency seem to be dutiful and driven with no time to focus on worry. The worry is what creates the problem. Worry is what happens when Drive gets excited, has a date with Ambition, they get drunk on concern and get a room at The Anxious, and they wake up the next morning and forgot about Purpose and Intention.

People who act with urgency seem to do a good job of not losing focus of the mission and keeping things in perspective while progressing towards the goal.

Today, I would like to try to tone down the anxiety and walk closer towards urgency while steering clear of lazy.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,