All forms of religion are wrong on some level, depending on what angle you look at them.

Every approach to nutrition has a down-side and therefore inherently dangerous- at some point, most likely, we are all going to die from something that we ate or did not eat, depending on who you talk to or what you believe.

Exercise is dangerous. All of it. Every movement has a risk associated with it and can get you injured.

Playing sports increases your risk of injury. There is a possibility that you will get hurt if you are physically active amongst other active bodies.

Running is the best thing for you and the worst thing for your body, depending on who you talk to.

Powerlifting is not Crossfit and Crossfit is not swimming and in case you weren’t aware, swimming is very different than cross-country skiing. All of them can hurt you and each of them can potentially set you free.

People die in car accidents but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel. Folks die in airplane crashes but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fly (or maybe it does, I guess it depends on if you meet your fate in a fiery plane crash. Who am I to know?).

The safest thing to do is nothing….but that can kill you. The only requirement for being an “Expert” is an internet connection and an opinion. I try to do what I do based on the information that I have available and allow others to do the same. I am usually partially right and a little bit wrong but I think that’s pretty standard.

Whatever it is that you do, do that.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,