On this episode of the Lift Heavy Run Long® Podcast, we went deeper than usual. Here is how it went down:

Daniela Krauss clarified that “double pepperoni” is more than “extra pepperoni”, so remember that.

Katie Maxwell was rightfully offended that Beefcake was bold enough to refer to microwave bologna as fried bologna when clearly that was in error.

Big Thirsty wants to know exactly how much of a tip is required to actually get the pizza people to double the amount of pepperoni’s added.

Jacked and Tan feels sympathy for Beefcake because they did not teach him to use chopsticks in public. Her theory is that he never learned to tie his shoes and that is why he wears Crocs.

The Reverend is on a “Looks and Fashion” trajectory that should have him working as a fashion model by 2021. Von also verbally and visually describes what a perfect weiner looks like.