**I forgot to press “record” on the camera until about minute 15 of the podcast, so if you watch it on youtube….be patient. Have an outstanding day!**

This was EASILY one of (if not the) funnest episodes ever!  Not only do we have an awesome guest host, we got to hang out with the most interesting man in the world!  Dan is an amazing man, and has done so much for our local community here in our gym (Olive Branch CrossFit).  He’s gonna be going back up North, and we won’t be getting to see as much of him as we do now.  So we convinced him to sit down, hang out, and chat with us for a bit….and WOW was it a TON of fun and super interesting.  We also got the privilege of having a very special guest host, Amanda Horrell!  I hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed recording it.