Great weekend!  In case you don’t know already, my wife and I are expecting a baby girl in November so I was busy painting and putting baby furniture together this weekend.  It was good active recovery.  I did get my 8 mile run in on Saturday morning, but it was slow.  I was beat up from last weeks training.  My shoulders were really sore, and I just didn’t really feel like running.  Anyway, I got it done at a slow pace.  8:50 I think.

…and on to Monday:

4RM Overhead Press; 4×4 @ 90%

4 Rep max this morning was 130lbs.  Felt pretty good.  Not sure if that’s a PR or not, I’ll have to go back and look.  So I did the 4×4 at 120 lbs.


EMOM for 8 Minutes 1 x Jerk @ 90%

I went ahead and worked up to a 1RM first of 185 lbs.  Then I did the workout at 165 lbs.  These felt really good.


3 Rounds

  • 32 Pistols
  • 16 Handstand Pushups

Holy smokes, more pistols and HSPU’s.  After all those presses and jerks, HSPU’s just weren’t happening.  I did a couple strict, kipped a few, then moved on to a pike press off of a box.  The good news is that I did the pistols down to a 10″ box.  Last week I had a 25lb plate on the 10″ box, so today I was able to go a bit deeper!  That’s very good. Legit pistols coming soon.  Anyway, looking forward to this week.  I’m feeling good and ready to crush something…