It’s no surprise the LHRL group has exploded in popularity and we’ve gained huge numbers of followers.  Geez, we are awesome!  Some people participate multiple times a day in the Facebook group, some never do; some people run, some lift, some only do one, some are on the disabled list for a bit, and some are on hiatus for various reasons; it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is the one rule that Wilson Horrell (co-founder of this craziness) holds tight to and hopes everyone plays along with easily.  No jerks allowed.  If you’re here, you’re supportive, encouraging, cheering, and act like a darn decent human to everyone.  I love this rule for many reasons but mostly for its simplicity and its ease of enforcement.

I hit some pretty rough patches since January and my mind has been deep in the negative dark side more often than I’d like but I’m slowly climbing out.  In that time I had to check myself often because I didn’t have anything supportive to say or words of encouragement.  (No jerks allowed.)  I would remind myself to just read and scroll on by.  A couple times I typed something and before I hit the post button I read it from outside my head space and realized that it wasn’t contributing anything but negativity and that’s just not me.   There’s a reason I try to be as supportive and encouraging as possible with anyone and everyone I can and that reason is really important to me to continue doing every day.

If you’ve noticed I haven’t posted much, haven’t commented as much, or been visible as much it’s because I was doing my best to live by example in the “no jerks allowed” rule.  It’s hard to not be a jerk when life keeps handing you lemons and you’re so sick of lemonade you could choke.

Today starts my first full day of 16 days of vacation. 2 full weeks off work and I promised hubby that I would not check email even once.  I will uphold that promise.  I’ve never had 2 weeks off for a vacation in my entire life.  10 days has been my max.  I’ve never had a job or life that would allow this type of luxury.  Expect to see more of me – you’ve been warned! I think I’ll head out on the trail today solo since my trail buddy cancelled at the last minute.  I’m sad but I know she’s stressed out too and I fully respect that issue.  -Brenda-