Weighed in at 185 lbs this morning.  Feeling pretty good.  I keep waking up at 3:30 in the morning for some reason, but the ZMA has me sleeping like a rock so that’s good.  Some big front squat lifts, cleans, then rowing and GHD’s on the agenda today…

First up, front squats:

Front Squat 3RM; 5 x 3 @ 90%

Worked up to 215 on the 3 Rep max!! BOOM!  Some video for you.  I think my feet are too close together.  Need to work on that.  It really helps to have video to critique yourself.  I highly recommend it.  First up, 185lbs:

See what I mean about the feet. Didn’t realize that until I saw the video…on to 215! Not as great a video, but I still wanted to see it:

Felt pretty good, I feel like I should have went for 225. Next time!


Tall Clean + Mid-thigh Clean + Clean x 8 @ 70%; rest 60 sec

Did this with 145 lbs.  Felt really good, but it was hard work.


AMRAP 6 Minutes

  • 300M Row
  • 12 GHD Situps

Felt good, but only got 2 rounds + 300M Row and 6 Situps.  So, six situps away from 3 rounds.  16 days until my next race!!  Getting close to serious time!! 🙂