The picture says it all today.  Bench felt pretty good.  I might could have gotten 175, but felt ok with 170.  Not bad at all.  I’ve actually gotten about 30 pullups unbroken before, but I only made it to 25 unbroken this morning.  I did 25, 10, and 5 to make 40.  The ring dips sucked.  They were all legit (no band), but still really hard.  Wall Balls are wall balls…not really much to say there.  Just did 80 of them.  So 9 minutes 10 seconds of work today.  Supposed to run 5K for time tomorrow after maxing out my back squat for 4 Reps.  That should be interesting!

EDIT:  184lbs today.  Back to watching the lbs. again. 🙂