Something we will improve upon

Ok, now that I’ve gotten my training somewhat under control I am going to set my sites on nutrition. I’ve put it off long enough. I don’t count macros or anything, but I eat way too much junk and it’s time to cut it out. I installed My Fitness Pal on my phone yesterday and have started trying to add everything I eat into the app. The key is being prepared and setting myself up for success.

Source of motivation

I’ve been looking back at some pictures of mine on facebook, and have been motivated to get back to a point where I was really focused and had everything really dialed in. Here’s a picture from a reddit post I made when I first lost all my weight. Granted I’ve made so many more gains since this picture, but any picture I look at in the last few years I just seem fat and bloated. It’s motivating to look at these pictures for me so I’m going to keep this one somewhere I will see it on the regular.

Weekly Training Progress & Goals

Training is going very well. Today I ran the Rx 10 miler in my 50K training program at an 8:31 pace. It felt very good. I still have a lot of work to do, but I’ll get there. I’ve ran a marathon at an 8:32 pace before, so I can get a lot faster.

Weekly Nutrition Progress & Goals

Well, Thanksgiving was this week, so… Not doing too bad, but like I said in the first paragraph, it’s time to get a little more serious.

Life obstacle

I’m still trying to get things organized and in order. Setting myself up for success by being prepared and planning workouts on the calendar really helps so I need to focus on doing those things.

Life victory

Focusing on the running and making sure I get the runs in for my training. I’ve done very well with it, and plan to keep working it. It’s funny because no matter how bad I don’t want to get up and do it, I am always glad I did once I start.

Something we are grateful for

Since this week was Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for family and friends. I’m grateful that my wife puts up with me and let’s me work events and things around training when I need to. It can be irritating I’m sure when training volume gets bigger and more frequent.

Something we learned from podcast guest

This week on the podcast we had our friend Gavin May on to talk with us. This guy is a pretty impressive runner. What’s more impressive is he doesn’t put a whole lot of thought into it. He just makes sure to get out there and run. I think a lot of times we overcomplicate things when all we really need to do is show up and do the work without worrying about what we’re going to do.