I first met Valerie when I had the privilege to call her my coach a couple of years ago.  I had followed CrossFit Endurance and Pose for a long time so when I found out she was going to be my coach I was SO excited.  Since then, we’ve done a lot of work together and now we even have a business together (RunRx).

Valerie is an amazing coach, and teaches pose running with a passion that is quite obvious when you listen to her talk about it and see her coaching.  We were stoked to sit down and chat with her on this episode of the LHRL Podcast.

Here are some related links and info:

Valerie on Instagram = @RunRx, @RunATX, @bvmcrossfit

Valerie on Facebook = Valerie Hunt

BVM CrossFit (Valerie’s Gym):  http://www.bvmcrossfit.com

RunRx:  http://www.runrx.fit

Dr. Nicholas Romanov:  https://posemethod.com/drromanov/