Wow, lots of awesome stuff going on right now!

I went swimming on Sunday.  It went pretty well.  Here’s what I did:

  • 4 x 50M
  • 2 x 100M
  • 4 x 50M

It was a rest day so I didn’t want to push it too hard.  I just need to start swimming regularly so that I’ll be ready to swim a mile in May at the Olympic Triathlon.  I feel like that is very doable.  May is a long way away, and if I add in some swimming a couple times a week to my training I should be fine.  Maybe I’ll go for an open water swim at some point.

The Competition program at Faction started a new cycle this week, and I’m excited about it.  I’m going to be following that program, and adding in some running as I see fit.  Longer runs will be added on the weekends, and intervals/speed work during the week in addition to the Competition training.  I didn’t take any pictures, but Monday looked like this:


  • 4 Handstand Pushups EMOM 10 Minutes

Felt pretty good actually.  I made it without kipping about halfway through, but was still able to kip my way through to the end.  That’s great progress for me.


  • Hang Snatch Below the Knee 5 x 3 @ 65%
  • Heaving Snatch Balance + 2 OH Squats – 3 Sets Heavy

Wasn’t really excited about these since I can’t do much weight when I snatch.  Felt ok though.

Strength Endurance

  • 8 x 2 @ 80% of 1RM

…and this did me in.  I made it through 255lbs.  I am feeling it today (the wallballs below probably didn’t help much either).  My legs are killing me!


3 Rounds

  • 20 Wallballs (20#)
  • 15 Pullups
  • 20 Burpees
  • Rest 5 Minutes

Not a bad WOD really.  The rest made it a little easier.  Finished in 19:30.

Today (Tuesday) was all about everything I suck at:


First, Muscle Ups.  I missed all of my attempts here except for the 8th try I got one.  For me, it’s all about the false grip.  If I’m in a good position I can get my head through at the top.  I think it’s about timing as well.  If I get my kip right it’s easy to get my head through at the top.  Getting better though.  Won’t be long before I can string them together.

Second, Pistols.  I really felt a difference today since I’ve been working on ankle mobility.  I actually got a couple of legitimate pistols with no box or assistance.  During the WOD though I used a 10 inch box to squat down to.  Not too bad.  Finished in 13:03.

Finally, I’m heading up an Endurance Team at Faction.  So if you’re a local Faction member and have goals that include Marathons, Marathon+ distances, Triathlons, etc.  Get with me so that I can include you in our group and communications.  Let’s do some awesome stuff together!! Training will be posted here as well.  I’m excited about this since we’ve been trying to get this going for a long time.  We’ll see where it goes.